Dr. Anita Johnston on The Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast – Part 2

Join Dr. Anita Johnston in “Podcasting in the Light of the Moon with Dr. Anita Johnston: Part 2- Diet Culture, Fat Shame, and Eating Disorders”. In this second part to the podcast Dr. Anita Johnston talks about:

• How the stories in our minds influence how we live our lives
• How we learn “fat is bad”
• Dr. Johnston’s experience growing up without diet culture
• How diet culture contributes to the development of eating disorders
• Recovery as a counterculture move toward health
• Body, weight, food, and recovery-positive social media and community
• Letting go of the diet mentality
• How the eating disorder blocks emotions
• Light of the Moon Café
• Fate and Destiny in recovery

(if you missed part one of this podcast you can view it here)

Dr. Anita Johnston on The Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast – Part 1

Dr. Anita Johnston, Clinical Director and founder at ‘Ai Pono Maui and author of “Eating In the Light of The Moon”, speaks in this episode, “Podcasting in the Light of the Moon with Dr. Anita Johnston: Part 1- Finding Meaning in the Struggle” and discuss the following:

• Finding joy in the recovery process
• Can people completely recover
• The steps and journey toward full recover
• The meaning, metaphor, and symbols of the eating disorder
• Understanding how your eating disorder has served a function
• How to begin letting go of the eating disorder
• The treasures you will discover in yourself through recovery
• Using curiosity as a skill for recovery


Partnership with Central Coast Treatment Center

Imagine an integrated treatment program from the coast of Maui to the coastlines of California’s Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo! Ai Pono Maui, Maui’s residential treatment center for women struggling with eating disorders, has recently teamed up with California based Central Coast Treatment Center for Eating, Exercise and Body Image Disorders. Dr. Anita Johnston of ‘Ai Pono Maui and Francie White of Central Coast Treatment Center join together in one of most innovative forces in treatment – over three decades of success bursting through with a new level of treatment like never before. Stay tuned for more information!

Light of the Moon Cafe

Anita Johnston, Ph.D. is the Founder of the ‘Ai Pono Intensive Out-Patient Eating Disorders Programs in Honolulu and ‘Ai Pono Maui. Read excerpts from Dr Anita Johnston’s blog here: http://dranitajohnston.com/blog Or visit support site In the Light of the Moon Cafe here: http://lightofthemooncafe.com/. The Light of the Moon Cafe’ is an online e-course and support circle for women around the globe seeking freedom from struggles with eating and weight issues.