Steps to Admissions

Admissions Process

Prior to admission

  • Free Intake assessment over the phone at (855) 249-9992

  • Physician to Complete our Medical Clearance packet

  • Discussion with intake coordinator regarding insurance/payment options available

  • All medical clearance paperwork and TB clearance documentation must be faxed to our office PRIOR TO admission. Fax: (888) 972-7042. Please send and wait for verbal confirmation from our staff to purchase tickets and/or plan for your arrival.

What to Bring

We want each of our residents to be as comfortable as possible during their stay.


Items you should consider bringing:

  • Comfortable clothing – we recommend you bring a limited supply of clothing; laundry facilities are available. Check Wailuku, Maui weather so you can plan your trip.

  • Robe, nightgown, comfortable clothing, slippers, sweatshirt, jacket

  • Medications


Items you should not bring:

  • Anything breakable

  • Sharp objects that could be dangerous

  • Products with alcohol – based ingredients (example: Listerine)

  • Valuables of any kind, including expensive jewelry

  • Aerosol Cans (hair spray, deodorant, shaving cream)

What to Expect

Treatment Methods

As we recognize that recovery is different for everyone, Ai Pono uses a diversity of customary and holistic treatment methods. Our use of evidence based therapies combined with creative approaches can help you address the underlying issues of your eating disorder. Through the delivery of hands on education and learning process, you are involved in a treatment that is not what someone does to you, but what you learn and do for yourself. Along with group, individual and family therapies, you will also experience holistic healing through nutrition, meditation, yoga, and Hawaiian arts and crafts. We will take you “out of the classroom” to events designed to enhance therapy and experience and appreciate a life in recovery.

At Ai Pono, our professional team works with you to inspire you, build your inner resources and instill life-long recovery tools.


Please consider ‘Ai Pono as a treatment option for your patients and contact our CEO, Cathy Meyer-Uyehara, ( to obtain further information about our program. Be sure to ask about our complimentary round-trip airfare for referring providers to Maui to work with our staff for your patient’s comprehensive discharge and aftercare planning.

Ai Pono works with a wide range of professionals in the community. Referring professionals such as primary care physicians, nurses, dentists, clergy members, private practice clinicians, school counselors and a variety of other professionals aid in the coordination of care for individuals seeking treatment for eating disorders.

Our staff values partnerships with professional eating disorder referral sources and works to identify an appropriate plan tailored to meet the needs of women seeking a residential and, or, outpatient treatment.  We also work with professional monitoring organizations and collaborate with them to ensure successful recovery of each individual and assist them in returning to their careers and utilizing their skills, education and experience in lifelong recovery.

At Ai Pono, we believe that each individual seeking treatment plays an active role in choosing the services that will support their own long-term pathway and style of recovery.

Ai Pono is always looking for ways to expand services-delivery among community professionals, agencies, businesses, and providers.  We hope to provide awareness by exploring ways to integrate services to better support individuals in their treatment and recovery journey.

Call us at (855) 249-9992 or contact via email @

Professional Referrals


Ai Pono is dedicated to exclusive service and we believe that investing in treatment is one of the first and most important commitments toward getting help.

Ai Pono participates with a variety of insurance companies.

Please call our Admissions Counselor at (855) 249-9992 to assist you with determining eligibility and benefits.

Insurance & Payments

What is the length of treatment at ‘Ai Pono?

 At ‘Ai Pono, we develop individualized treatment plans for each of our residents, with the average length of stay of 35-45days at the residential level.

am I eligible for your residential care program?

We are currently able to offer our residential treatment program to patients of 13 years of age and older, based on your medical assessment and needs for care.


Is treatment at ‘Ai Pono very expensive?

Despite the higher costs associated with living in our island paradise, the residential program at ‘Ai Pono Maui is competitively priced. As a fully licensed treatment center, we will work with all health insurance carriers on your behalf to secure coverage for your treatment. Typically, insurance will cover from 60-90% of the costs of care. We are also happy to work out convenient payment plans.

What is a typical day like?

We begin with breakfast and a mindful walk. This is followed by ‘therapy process’ or ‘life skills’ groups prior to lunch. After lunch are ‘food and feelings’, and ‘body awareness’ groups followed by individual therapy and personal time prior to dinner. Evenings are spent in specialized groups that may include art therapy, story circle, and inspirational films and discussion. We also include time for outings, visitation, and organized activities throughout the week.

How many other patients will be there?

Our census varies, the maximum number of patients is eight.

Will I have to share a room?

Yes. Because much of the struggle with an eating disorder leads to isolation, we encourage ongoing sharing and support among patients.

Would I have to stop taking my current medications to get treatment at ‘Ai Pono Maui?

No. Regular visits with our consulting physician and 24/7 care from our nursing staff helps to ensure that all of your medical and prescription needs are taken care of. Our program covers room and board, all programming such as individual therapy sessions, sessions with the RD, and routine medical care. Individualized care (lab work, prescription medications, outside consultations and medical emergencies) are the responsibility of each patient.

How much will I have to eat?

Meal plans and caloric levels are determined on an individual basis taking into account a variety of factors including both physical and psychological concerns.

How do you address food preferences, allergies, and vegetarians?

We are sensitive to each patient’s food issues and provide flexibility in our menus. We take into account diagnosed food allergies, blood sugar issues, and other dietary needs. We offer vegetarian choices, and work with patients to differentiate between food preferences and food restrictions driven by eating disorder thoughts.

I don’t live on the Island of Maui. How would I get to your facility?

The Kahului Airport, Maui’s main terminal, is just a 10min. drive from ‘Ai Pono Maui, and we provide transportation to and from the airport. Non-stop flights are available to Kahului, Maui from various West Coast cities on Hawaiian, United, and Alaska Air. Flights are also available throughout the day from all major airports in Hawaii.

How can I find out more about the services at ‘Ai Pono?

Send us an e-mail ( or call us (808) 249-9999 in Hawaii, or (855) 249-9992, toll-free and we will be happy to answer your questions.