Stephanie Garcia


Master's of Arts in Marriage & Family Therapy | Board Certified Neurofeedback Specialist | Owner, Neurofeedback Maui | Co-Founder, Owner, Ho'omau Maui | Primary Therapist, 'Ai Pono, Maui.

Stephanie Garcia has a Master's of Arts in Marriage & Family Therapy, is a Board Certified Neurofeedback Specialist, and certified as a Substance Abuse Counselor. She is the owner of a thriving wellness center, Neurofeedback Maui and the Co-Founder and owner of Ho'omau Maui, a summer retreat program for struggling teens. She is also a Primary Therapist and neurotherapist at 'Ai Pono, Maui. Since she was a child, Stephanie has always been intriqued by the brain and human behavior. Understanding there are certain areas that will require more than traditional counseling led her to seeking out neurofeedback, healing the brain from within. She firmly believes in each person's innate ability for optimal change and transformation. Mrs. Garcia has held continuing education conferences to train Hawai'i professionals in Addictions and Neurofeedback. She has written for several local publications and was recently interviewed on Hawai'i's National Public Radio.