Kathryn Wilmet


Kathryn, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, has two Master’s Degrees, from The University of Colorado, Boulder, and Regis University in Denver, CO. Kathryn has had in-depth experience in numerous counseling populations, including couples’ and family therapy, childhood development counseling for both the child and the parent, therapy for children and adults affected by domestic violence and/or sexual abuse, counseling for incarcerated persons, and substance abuse counseling. Kathryn currently specializes in counseling for individuals suffering from eating disorders.

Kathryn offers Ai Pono clients a diverse scope of counseling techniques, from cognitively based theories such as DBT, to experiential practices stemming from Gestalt-based therapy, to Mindfulness-based practices such as meditation and yoga.

Kathryn, a certified yoga teacher for over 10 years, encourages her clients to become aware of their Mind/Body connection through weekly yoga classes. Kathryn has completed numerous certification programs, and incorporates her extensive knowledge of Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Anusara, and Bikram yoga in to her classes.

Originally from Michigan, then based out of Colorado for 15 years, Kathryn has fallen in love with the people, the culture, and the climate of Maui. She lives upcountry with her husband, her three children, her cat and crazy pup.