Reaching out for Help with an Eating Disorder

It seems overwhelming

How do you get well when you are terrified to gain weight?

How do you get past the feelings that every single pound added is 10 pounds of loss of control?

You feel like you have it together but ONLY if you are “good” each day and keep the food from taking over.

Your body has its own ways of keeping you alive. Fighting it can leave you exhausted and little time left for living the life you were meant to live.

There is hope

I am a layperson who can only quote the experts, but I do know about the struggle of disordered eating. I’ve experienced the treadmill of never-ending thoughts of what goes in my mouth and what goes out in exercise. In spite of this debilitating internal struggle is, you are not wanting to attract attention to any of it.

I know each story is completely different and I would never pretend to know anyone else’s, but I do trust there are people who can help!

I believe the beginning of healing is to take the hard and often embarrassing step of asking for help. You may be able to do this yourself or you may need support from someone else. It feels like admitting to weakness, but actually it may be the strongest most courageous thing you can do. The reason I say this is because the very act of reaching out means you have to let go. Asking for help admits that you aren’t able to control everything.

I am here to tell you, it’s ok! You don’t need to have control over everything. Besides, if you are really paying attention, you will realize it is impossible to control everything.

Freedom from an eating disorder requires courage

When you ask for help for an eating disorder, it can seem terrifying. Admitting to how you handle life or can’t handle life takes swallowing your pride. Not the good type of pride that brings you joy and satisfaction in your accomplishments, but pride that makes you hide who you really are. It is a pride that isolates you.

You are not alone

I can tell you from experience that the experts at Ai Pono Hawaii can make your fight worthwhile. They can show you the how to live a good life without being constantly immersed in thoughts of your eating and body. They can help you see what you need to do. They are equipped to introduce you to your loves, your meanings, your joys and your life. They can help you to deal with losses and disappointments in a healthy way.

Contact Ai Pono Hawaii

Ai Pono Hawaii, Hawaii’s only residential treatment center for women with eating disorders, offers full support for women struggling with eating disorders. To find out more about our eating disorder treatment program, contact Ai Pono Hawaii today or call (855) 249-9992 for immediate assistance.

Auntie Pearl

Staff Contributor