Dr. Anita Johnston on The Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast – Part 2

Join Dr. Anita Johnston in “Podcasting in the Light of the Moon with Dr. Anita Johnston: Part 2- Diet Culture, Fat Shame, and Eating Disorders”. In this second part to the podcast Dr. Anita Johnston talks about:

• How the stories in our minds influence how we live our lives
• How we learn “fat is bad”
• Dr. Johnston’s experience growing up without diet culture
• How diet culture contributes to the development of eating disorders
• Recovery as a counterculture move toward health
• Body, weight, food, and recovery-positive social media and community
• Letting go of the diet mentality
• How the eating disorder blocks emotions
• Light of the Moon Café
• Fate and Destiny in recovery

(if you missed part one of this podcast you can view it here)